UWP : How to create a custom progress indicator?

When you execute a query or a web service, the application may take time to retrieve and display datas.

In order to avoid empty screen and indicate that an operation is ongoing, you can insert a progress control Jump as a busy indicator in the page of the application. It provides feedback to the user that a long-running operation is underway.

Universal Windows App contains two progress controls : ProgressRing Jump and ProgressBar Jump .

But what if you want to create your own progress indicator?

That’s why in this Wiki, we will see how to create a custom progress indicator?


UWP SQLite Starter Kit (Version 1.0)

UWP SQLite Starter Kit (Version 1.0) is a Visual Studio Project template that creates a skeleton of a UWP application using MVVM Light and SQLite database with these features:

  • Creating Models will work with SQLite database.
  • Creating ViewModels using MVVM Light.
  • Creating Views.
  • Creating services to interact with the SQLite database.
  • Displaying datas from SQLite database using MVVM Light.
  • Executing a command.
  • Navigating to a page with parameters.